Tune into any reality TV talent show and you will hear the inspirational word bandied around. Watch any sports footage and you will see athletes creating history, and in the process inspiring generations. So, what does a talk about achieving your potential at work have to do with inspiring generations?

To answer this question, you need to analyse what has typically happened before an individual inspires others. Very simply, regardless of who the individual is or what barriers they have had to overcome, they have all achieved to their true potential. ‘When you really choose’ will decode the 3 core ingredients needed for anyone to fulfil their potential. I.e. the pre-requisite to inspire generations.

There are 4 main reasons why picking Heather to speak will help 2017 TEDx NorwichEd be an event which matches the phenomenal success of TEDx NorwichEd Thinking differently:

  • As an award-winning author who has sold over 20 000 books which have been translated into over 6 different languages and received over 200 five star reviews on amazon, you know her ideas will be original and thought-provoking.
  • She is a fellow of the Professional Speaking Association which is the nearest guarantee that you can get that Heather will deliver a TEDx talk which will be talked about both online and offline for years to come.
  • She has an extensive network online with over 12k twitter followers as well as 2 large Facebook groups which she moderates, which she will use to spread the word about 2017 TEDx NorwichEd
  • Event managers and speaker bookers love working with her because she is flexible and responsive.


Heather and her team made it so easy to work with them and put on the event. They were responsive to all our requests and prompt at communicating with us. It really felt like we were “one team”. Nothing was too much bother for Heather and her team. Heather provided unique content to help us generate buzz before the event with our ideal audience, and emailed her list to increase attendees to the event.

The response was so positive to both events that we have taken out full page press advertisements as a result of the event to carry on the conversation with delegates and keep the momentum going. The videos taken are providing us with high quality video content to help us cement our position as thought-leaders in our marketplace.

We now have initial plans to make these events annual and to carry on working with Heather and her team in the future.

Yukie Chan

Marketing manager, Pro-Recruitment Group