Heather in action

What will your audience get when you book Heather?

This is a word cloud of recent feedback Heather received from delegates, meeting organisers, speaker bookers and meeting planners:


Typically Heather does not speak for free. However, she will waive some of her fee in qualifying circumstances or when other items of value are available to her.

Items of value include:

  • Professional recording of event and recording received within 2 weeks of the event
  • Written and recorded testimonials from attendees
  • In depth written testimonial from organisers
  • Guarantee of fee paid future events or future work
  • Contact details of audience members
  • Promotion in person and by email to audience members of her services and products

The session at our Practice Excellence Conference which really got the most positive feedback was lead by Heather Townsend. Based on that, I think we will be working with Heather Townsend again.

John Stokdyk

Editor at AccountingWeb

Heather’s requirements

Heather will provide her own laptop, but will normally need:

  • projector
  • lapel mic (or handheld)
  • flipchart

Heather is intolerant to gluten and dairy, so will need a gluten and dairy free meal/snacks.

How will Heather help your organisation spread its message?

Heather has a highly engaged following on social media, including 11,000+ followers on Twitter. When you book Heather, she will work with you to use  her social media following to help you achieve your event’s objectives.

These are a sample of the tweets Heather received as a result of running a workshop at Xerocon London 2015:


Heather has run webinars with most of the current webinar technology, including:

  • Go To Webinar
  • Google Hangouts
  • Instant Teleseminars
  • WebinarJam

If you would like Heather to run a webinar for your audience she can provide at no extra cost, as part of the fee quoted, her own 100-seat Go To Webinar subscription.

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